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Patient Advocates

At the Heart of Team eDyNAmiC

“The Patient Advocates (PAs) are integrated deeply into Team eDyNAmiC. They are active participants in the biweekly lab meetings, play a leading role in the Management Group, and advise on key scientific and strategic issues, including how to communicate our progress and how to focus our work on the interests of patients, their families, and their caregivers.” 

Paul Mischel – Team Lead

Extrachromosomal DNA (ecDNA) represents a newly identified challenge for cancer researchers to grapple with. Recent findings indicate that the presence of ecDNA in cancer cells may make these tumours more difficult to treat. However, a world-class team of scientists from across the globe have now come together and received a major influx of funding for a full-force effort to understand ecDNA and uncover ways to potentially mitigate their negative impact in cancer cells

From the beginning, we as Patient Advocates have been integral to Team eDyNAmiC; as the experts with lived experiences, held as equal partners of the researchers, and representing all patients who will benefit from this research in the future.

Our aims are to be the link between researchers and the public. We work in both directions to be the known face of the patients within the labs, especially with trainees, and to encourage new patients and caregivers to get involved as Advocates.

Meet the Advocates

Patient Advocacy is integral to Team eDyNAmiC. We bring critical experience, questions, and ideas to inform and challenge the scientific team members from the project’s conception, to the design, and through implementation. The ongoing collaborative engagement between the researchers and our patient advocate team elevates the importance of the barriers to progress ecDNA presents to the entire cancer community.

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