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7th Cancer Cachexia Conference

Date: September 28-30, 2023Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Please mark your calendar for September 28-30 in Edinburgh, Scotland for the 7th annual Cancer Cachexia Conference. Our team will be represented well by Drs.Bette Caan, Tony Hui, Janelle Ayres, David Lewis, and Richard Dunne who all will be presenting. Barry Laird and Daniel Marks from our Virtual Seminar Series will also be speaking at the event. Please note that registration is open now from now till August 8th (please see the registration link under the main link). The Conference is open to all our investigators, junior scientists, and students. If you are interested in attending, please click on the link and go to the “conferences” tab for more information.

Medicine at The Crick “The Tumor Microenviornment-Looking Beyond T-Cells

Date: Thursday June 29th 2023 • London, U.K

  • Please mark your calendar for the Medicine at The Crick “The Tumor Microenvironment-Looking Beyond T-Cells” event on June 29th at the Francis Crick Institute, London U.K. Our own Dr. Tobias Janowitz is a guest speaker at the event. If you are interested in attending, please see the link below for registration information. There is a virtual admission registration until June 28th and an in-person registration until June 25th (please see in the registration link posted)

The Beatson International Cancer Conference on Interorgan Communication in Cancer

Date: July 16th-July 19Glasgow, Scotland

Please mark your calendar for July-16-July 19th in Glasgow, Scotland at the Beatson Institute. Our CANCAN team will be well represented with Dr. Eileen White as a Keynote Speaker. Norbert Perrimon, Giulia Biffi, and the Beatson team which includes David Lewis, and Oliver Maddocks will all be in attendance. If you are interested in attending, please see the link below or contact as registration is still open. Registration and accommodation information details are listed in the below link.